“Street Soccer helps because your mind’s active. You’re out there. And you look forward to those games. Everybody that’s involved—Bill, Paul, Ed, John—are there to encourage you. They come up to you and call you by name. ‘Hi, Steve. How are you doing? Anything we can do for you?’ It just makes you feel like there’s a reason to live again. Street Soccer is, in my books, AOK.” — Steve

Make a Winning Assist

Those who play with Street Soccer support each other, but in order to provide that centre circle for them to meet, Street Soccer needs your support, too.


If your company or organization would like to sponsor Street Soccer Canada, there are many ways to do that. And we can help you find the right fit. To read about partnership opportunities, please download our sponsorship package:


Street Soccer Canada is always looking for volunteers to join the team. If you’re interested, email