What a workweek it was for club. After overcoming Lazio, things were on mend. They suffered their worst Champions League disappointment losing 4-0 to Chelsea. What, about being inquired for the business con. And as if it wasn’t enough, during the 1-0 defeat to Atalanta both Weston McKenny and Fredrico Chiesa were sent off the field.

Chiesa was pulled out at half-time due to a presumably left leg complication and Weston was substituted 64 minutes into the match with a sprained right knee. Both will be examined, but this is immense misfortune for club. Chiesa is indispensable team member, and supervisor Max Allegri has systematically referred to McKenny as one of his most notable midfielders. There won’t a lot of dead time with Salernitana on Tuesday as weeks of reduplicate play lie further.
Moise Keen is probably to stand-in Chiesa, McKenny’s deputy will hang on elect establishment due to McKenney’s universalism. But recent difficulties menace Allegri’s 2 stint at club, sooner or later something must give up. As for US men’s state team, a lot also depends on result of McKenny’s x-ray with World Cup qualifiers against El Salvador, Canada and Honduras at the end of January.

Source: cbssports.com